Hello to the Alhares-tech company Since the founding of Alhares-Tech company in 2002 and we always strive to provide the best and latest to our customers, always careful to keep in mind customer satisfaction first and foremost, by providing the latest and finest electrical systems and electronic available in the global market, and also we have obtained the confidence of some of the world's leading systems surveillance so that we become their partners in the Libyan market
It has specialized in the field of surveillance systems technologies, systems access control, as well as in door systems, electric gates, alarm systems and fire-extinguishing systems, and intrusion protection, theft, housing and public buildings, as well as wireless communications systems and also via satellite for vehicles and mechanisms of all types of tracking systems ( GPS) and servo motor protect all that expertise and national and crew homogeneous technician with experience in these areas .. welcome to you in our site. We hope that you will find our what serves your interests.
Alhares Monitoring Systems
Modern several types and sizes of several systems of surveillance cameras, recording devices run on four systems of surveillance systems
Automotive Services
Available at our company has printed keys modern and old cars .. as well as the detection of faults and issuing reports on the guillotine Crash
Doors engines

Door motors of various types, sizes and weights from one of the Italian companies specialized in this field

Now .. you can see your observation from everywhere and without installing the IP address assigned to you by the provider of online cloud system my system, you can connect surveillance system Thy by any provider of Internet (WiMAX or ADSL)
Systems access control and attendance ﷯
The alhares technical company available control systems in the entry for the doors and premises such as hotels and operations in hospital rooms .. as well as modern systems to come and leave and control the movement of attendance of the staff and workers and the organization of work, personnel and the public and private sectors